Twenty Questions

Btvs/Ats Style

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Twenty Questions Btvs/Ats Style
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BtvsAts_20 is a community somewhat based on theatrical_muse

You pick a character in the Buffy or Angelverse, any character no matter how minor. (Characters already taken will be kept track of in memories) and every week I present you with a question for example: Talk about your favorite place. You answer that question from your assigned characters point of view.

You may apply for more then one character. Keep in mind that major characters will be spread out among members (ie: It's highly unlikely I'll allow one person to have Willow AND Buffy)

Every 10 challenges we will throw all the characters back into a hat and take applications again for characters so that theoretically everyone has a chance to play their favorite character. Character applications will be taken on a first come first serve basis (for the most part, as I mentioned I will spread major characters out)

Submit challenge suggestions to my email. kristi@allengames.com

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