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Druinsanity [userpic]
Round 4, Challenge 2, Lorne
by Druinsanity (druinsanity)
at September 25th, 2006 (12:13 pm)
current mood: accomplished

Title: Marshmallows
Author: Lisa druinsanity
Characters/Pairing: Lorne
Rating: G
Disclaimer: In Lisaland I would own all of them. In this land? Not so much. Just like to play.
Summary: Written for btvsats_20.
Prompt: Who do you care about the most?

Surprise of all surprises… I mean like the end of ’The Sixth Sense’ type of surprise: It’s not me. I know those who know me as an acquaintance might think that’s a lie, but I’m pulling a Washington on you in the George sense.

Back on Pylea? I spent too much time and effort caring about my mother and her feelings. I was her disgrace though… so what’s a green demon to do? Find a portal and bail, that’s what. Sure, that added more to the disgrace that was me in her eyes. But it also means she doesn’t have to be embarrassed by me anymore or find new and amusing ways to ridicule me or mold me into what she wanted me to be.

Here? These Earthlings, humans and demons alike… they kinda grow on you like white on rice. Especially when you get into their souls and hearts. They have a kind of fight in them that is… And every one of them is different. They’re allowed to be different and have individual thought. It’s accepted and encouraged. It’s hard not to make friends with the ones who fight to keep this… all of this.

The heroes and warriors of this world; they’re spectacular. They’re the marshmallows in my lucky charms. What can I say? I care about the little sugary marshmallows.


Posted by: Druinsanity (druinsanity)
Posted at: September 25th, 2006 07:14 pm (UTC)

Awwww Maybe Angel is the marshmallos from Count Dracula cereal! They're all dark and glowery! lol

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