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Druinsanity [userpic]
Round 4, Challenge 3, Drusilla
by Druinsanity (druinsanity)
at October 1st, 2006 (05:53 pm)

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Title: Untitled
Author: Lisa druinsanity
Characters/Pairing: Drusilla
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss is boss and I am… me. I so don’t own them.
Summary: Written for btvsats_20
Prompt: What’s your favorite way to relax?

I rest.

I lie back in the cool grass waiting for the heat of the earth from the day to seep into my skin. My palms dust over the fine blades of grass, sweeping lightly over them so that their tips tickle in between my fingers.

I listen.

If I listen closely enough the heated Earth will draw me hypnotically into its core. I can hear everything; the frustration, the anger, the blood, the chaos. I can almost feel the core’s heart pumping as if it were my own heart beating at the slow, tantalizing pace.

The chorus of stars conducted by the moon draws me out in quiet whispers of seduction. The push and pull between it and the Earth’s core joins together in a slow deliciously sensual dance.

I dance.


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Posted by: Druinsanity (druinsanity)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 04:10 pm (UTC)

thank you! *dances*

Posted by: Sami (zgirl714)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 02:41 am (UTC)

I liked this. It isn't the usual dippy Dru voice that one usually finds.

Posted by: Druinsanity (druinsanity)
Posted at: October 3rd, 2006 04:11 pm (UTC)

Thank you! Dru can be very serious and dark and sexy if she wants to be.

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